Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Plan?
It is a checking based service package added to a checking account that provides benefits of no overdraft fees ever, insight and understanding of your credit score, spending control through not paying items if funds are not in your account, and an optional line of credit. This account will not repair your credit, but having a line of credit and paying on time is one factor that can affect your credit score over time. Linked to a full service checking account, you get easy use of checks, on-line banking, bill pay, mobile banking, telebanking, FDIC insurance and other checking account privileges.
Why should I be interested in ?
The Plan offers a great way to avoid the surprise and high cost of overdraft fees, while getting information on your credit score and having an optional line of credit.
What does cost?
The checking service package with the account costs $14.95 for a monthly participation fee. The line of credit costs only the 15% APR for any loan balance used. Please see our full disclosure for all costs.
How do I sign up or get the Plan?
You can visit one of our banking centers. You could also start the sign up process online and then visit one of our banking centers to complete the sign up.
Do I need an email address for an account?
Yes, and the ability to receive PDF disclosures and documents on-line.
Plan Line of Credit
How much of a line of credit can I get?
Your line of credit based on approval will be from $200 to $1,000 without a credit score, and up to $5,000 with an acceptable credit score. You can find out the amount for which you may be approved by clicking here, subject to final approval.
How do I pay back my loan?
You pay back over time with a monthly payment consisting of interest cost plus principal depending on the size of your line of credit. You must make your payment by the due date indicated on your monthly statement or a late fee will be assessed.
Can I re-borrow on my line?
Yes. Any payments other than interest cost or late fees increase the amount available to re-borrow under the line of credit as long as you continue to make regular deposits to your checking account as you have in the past.
How do I get money from my line of credit into my checking account?
Your line of credit will show up in online banking and you can easily transfer money online from your line of credit to your checking account. However, if you call to talk to a person to transfer funds, a transfer fee will apply.
Once I have the Plan and sign up for the line of credit, how long before I can get my line of credit money?
After final approval and any required deposit to open the checking account is in the account, we typically complete our administrative review and have the line of credit available for use in two business days.
Does the amount available on my line of credit ever change?
Yes, if you stop depositing funds in your checking account, we may reduce or eliminate your line of credit availability. If so, we send you a notice when we change the available amount.
What if I have a line of credit balance outstanding and you take my line of credit amount to $0?
You cannot borrow any more money, and your existing outstanding balance is repaid with your normal monthly payment until the line of credit balance is paid in full.
If I need more time to repay on my line of credit, what can I do?
We do not have readily available alternatives for lines of credit that would allow you to extend your repayment term.
What happens to my line of credit if I close my Plan?
Your line of credit will no longer be available to use. The outstanding balance must be repaid. You’ll need to continue making your regular monthly payment until the balance is paid off.
If funds are not in my account to pay the line of credit payment when it is due, are their late fees or overdraft fees?
There are never overdraft fees on this account. However, if your line of credit payment is late, there is a late payment fee.
Can I pay the balance of my line of credit off early?
What is the term of the line of credit?
The term of the line of credit is five years but this term can be changed by you or us at anytime.
Do I have to pay an upfront fee to get the line of credit?
No, there is no fee for the line of credit other than the monthly participation fee for your checking account, interest cost for the outstanding balance on your line of credit, and the late fee if your payment is not paid by the due date.
Do you access my credit reports or credit score to provide my line of credit?
We provide lines of credit up to $1,000 for existing customers based on deposit activity with no credit bureau or credit score information required. New customers seeking lines of credit or existing customers seeking larger lines of credit can do so by allowing us to access your credit score.
If I sign up for the line of credit, do you report my payments on the line of credit to credit agencies?
Yes, we report your payments to the credit agency.
Customer and Online Support
How do I contact customer service?
Call our Telebanker any time, or call your local branch. Click here for contact methods.
What if I enter the last four digits of my social security number and no line of credit information is shown?
If you enter the last four digits of your social security number and your information cannot be found, please contact your branch. If you do not have an account with us, we will be glad to open one.
Why do you need the last four digits of my social security number at the web site?
By asking for only four digits, we provide the highest level of security.
I received an email stating I had no line of credit available. Why?
If you do not meet our minimum underwriting criteria, your account will not qualify for a line of credit. In this circumstance, we provide you a notice of action taken. Please contact us for further information.