PaySound Line of Credit

A line of credit is a loan that requires monthly payments and where you can re-borrow against the available line.

"It's great to have when you need it."
  1. Apply for a credit line from $200 to $5,000 for your PaySound Plan
    • 15% Annual Percentage Rate
    • See your line availability in seconds; no sign up fee
    • Easy and free to transfer funds with online banking or telebanking. Fees may apply if you transfer with an in-person call
  2. The minimum payment for lines up to $1,000 is $50 plus the accrued interest. The minimum payment for lines greater than $1,000 is 5% of the outstanding line balance per month plus interest on the due date until the debt is repaid
    • You can re-draw down funds as you need them
    • Monthly payments assure you're in control
    • Transfer funds from your line as you need them with online banking or telebanking
    • If your line of credit payment is late, we charge a late payment fee
  3. Your available line is greatly affected by your monthly deposits and balances